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Unlock valuable insights from millions of organizations with Crunchbase Data Extractor. Extract acquisitions, people, reports, events, and more. Customizable search for targeted results. Empower your research and business intelligence.

Since Crunchbase doesn't provide a proper and free API, this actor should help you to retrieve data from it.

The Crunchbase data scraper supports the following features:

  • Scrape organization details - You can scrape attributes like about, number of employees, technology, summary, people working, or investment details of an organization.

  • Scrape person details - You can scrape attributes like title, name, CB Rank, primary organization, jobs, or related hubs of a person.

  • Scrape event details - You can scrape attributes like speakers, name, location, date, venue, and registration links of an event.

  • Scrape hub details - You can scrape attributes like the number of founders, name, founded date, acquired percentage, and so on.

  • Scrape by keyword - You can use location-wise keywords to search specific search lists. Also, you can directly point out rental, for sale, or sold properties on this feature.

Looking for data from Crunchbase?

Our cutting-edge automated and robust solutions can help you easily retrieve all the information you need. Don't waste time manually searching for data - trust our efficient and effective marketing tools to get the job done for you.

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Obtaining data doesn't have to be difficult.

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Getting started with epctex

Simplify data collection and free up time for innovation with our easy-to-use service. Let us handle the technicalities of data acquisition and automation, and focus on growing your business.


Consultation to Define Project Goals

In this initial consultation, we will discuss the specific data needs and desired outcomes for your project to ensure its success.


Setting Up Customized Data Extraction

We will set up automated extractions tailored to your specific use case and provide a sample dataset before starting a full-scale data collection process.


Collecting and Delivering Data

After you have approved the sample data, we will begin collecting data on a larger scale and deliver it within the agreed timeframe.


Ongoing Maintenance and Management

Our team will continuously ensure that all subsequent data runs are running smoothly and that your data is delivered as scheduled with minimal disruption.


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We partner with top-tier startups and enterprises in a broad range of industries

We offer custom solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, so you can be confident that you are getting the right data for your business. Whether you need to track your competitors, gather market intelligence, or extract data from the web, epctex has the tools and expertise to help you succeed.



Customized services for your unique needs

Our services are designed to help businesses in these industries gather and analyze data in order to make informed decisions and improve their operations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business.

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